MOAK is born of an innate desire to return to nature. The self-healing nature of our bodies, the compassionate nature of humanity and the infinite power of Mother Nature. 

In the present day MOAK’s herbalists and chemists combine advancements in the fields of science and nature to formulate complex and progressive 100% vegan products. With sustainable botanical extracts, intelligent fungi compounds, potent essential oils and rich minerals, MOAK products draw on the power of the planet to supercharge our health regimens.  

Inspired by four core elements; Rock, Tree, Fungi & Plant, each of our lead ingredients is itself a Master Of Advanced Knowledge. The MOAK team continues to search the globe for the most groundbreaking natural ingredients available today. 

As we research and integrate new discoveries our products will grow at an organic pace, releasing only the most outstanding external and internal formulas. By exploring the synergistic behaviour of our key ingredients, MOAK products combine strength with balance to create gentle yet highly effective treatments suitable for most skin types.

Our Founder

Having grown up surrounded by the wilderness of Australia the seeds of MOAK were planted at an early age for our founder. Nurtured by a herbalist family, her deep rooted fascination with the natural world gained traction as she travelled the globe in later years.

Following studies into Phytotherapy and Advanced Herbalism, she became aware that so many of our health issues can be greatly improved through the use of medicinal plant extracts. This led to the development of the first MOAK prototypes, alchemised at home through a combination of intuition, trial and error and representing the start of an unfolding holistic skincare journey.