At MOAK, the wisdom of indigenous people - the gatekeepers of our natural world - filters down into everything we do.

Our powerful, native extracts are ethically sourced and organic where possible as we strive to create a fully sustainable business model.

By using compostable mycelium packaging plus implementing a glass bottle recycling initiative,

we want to be part of the solution to the climate crossroads we face on Earth.

Mycelium Packaging

With sustainability and respect for the Earth at the centre of MOAK’s value system, every aspect of our packaging has been carefully considered. Our research led us to find a company who produce strong yet fully compostable packaging from Mycelium.

If mushrooms themselves are a fruit, then Mycelium is the tree on which they grow. Lining the Earth bed of forests and woodland the astounding Mycelium network exchanges sugars with dense nutrients, making it key for the survival and growth of the planet. These are the same dense nutrients that we harness in our MOAK formulas.

Chitin, a compound found within the Mycelium, is both water and fire resistant. As opposed to polymer based plastic, Chitin’s strong, glue-like nature provides the perfect base for protective packing. When mixed with agricultural waste such as hemp, wheat and sawdust, the result is attractive, durable containers that naturally return to the Earth after use.

Simply plant your MOAK packaging into the Earth with some soil and our seeded papers and watch your waste bloom into plants, herbs and flowers - whilst the box completely disintegrates.

Miron Violet Glass

Our use of Miron Violet Glass helps us not only maintain shelf life but also helps amplify the potency of MOAK products.

Biophotonic glass bottles prevent the loss of biophotons within our ingredients, making non-organic preservatives unnecessary and helping our natural formulas last up to four times longer than in standard glass packaging. Minerals within the glass also naturally boost the nutrients and vitality of our ingredients, preserving the potency, aroma, colour and texture.

Almost all living cells absorb and emit biophotons, the more of which you absorb the more vitality you hold. When you imagine this in the context of organic matter, you realise how important it is that MOAK products maintain their anatomical integrity.

Visually stunning and with a history of use that tracks back to Ancient Egyptian times, violet glass has long been reputed as a perfect container for complex and delicate essential oils and plant extracts.